We are strong together with our Partners

In cooperation with our Partners, we extend the range of products and services offered.

MBS Electronics GmbH

MBS Electronics GmbH Company offers high performance aerospace databus solutions interfacing to Ethernet, USB and PCI Express. Guided by a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, MBS is a source for high integrity hardware (DO-254) and software engineering services and a range of COTS electronic hardware products.


Flight Data Technologies Inc. (FDT)

Flight Data Technologies Inc. (FDT) - is a developer and manufacturer of Flight Data Recorders and related safety avionic hardware and software serving the aerospace industry. Flight Data Technologies offers you a suite of safety avionic products. The range of products includes FDR, combined FDR-CVR-Video with QAR, Wi-Fi QAR, automatic Flight Data Transmission on the ground as well as SATellite COMmunication (SATCOM) during flight plus Flight Data Analysis software solutions to integrate to your FDM and SMS strategy.